We just got this weird little instrument in the mail; maybe you’ll hear it on the next record! :D #Omnichord #OM-300 (@theslighbrothers)

Just got in some Sligh Brothers USB business cards! (@theslighbrothers)

Shooting some footage for a new video… I wonder what it could be! (@theslighbrothers)

Recording guitar tracks today! 🎶Hit me with your best curve ball!🎶 #Homerun #GuitarFx #Pedalboard #Recording #NewMusic #OneToughCookie #TheSlighBrothers #OriginalMusic #Indie #Alternative #Pop #Music #Band #SummerSong #LightningEyes #ShorelyWalls #Nosferatu #SisterGoldenHair #GaryComeHome #Kuzko #BlinkOfAnEye #Fun #BandRehearsal #Harmonizing #JordanSligh #AndySligh (@theslighbrothers)

Anonymous asks...
"Please come to Hammondsport, NY in the summer for music in the park on Thursday evenings from 6 to 8. I know where you can find room and board."

Wow thank you so much for the offer!! It’s still gonna be a while before we can play on the East coast, but until then I’ll keep an eye on Hammondsport and we’ll be sure to play a show there someday :)

Anonymous asks...
"who are the other members besides Jordan and Andy?"

Jaye Sanchez plays bass guitar, Evan Darcey also plays guitar, and Zech Hogan plays drums. They’re all super nice guys!!! :D

Anonymous asks...
"Ok I just found out about you on face book from a musician friend of mine. I'm 48 years old and have been playing guitar and drums and writing songs since I was 12 or so. After seeing your Kite Fliers Club video I knew I needed to have your music in my collection, so I just bought your EP! Wow you guys are good!! I love listening to upcoming talent of all genres but you guys knocked it out of the park for me! Listening to your music makes me feel young again! Thanks you!!"

Wow thank you so much for the kind words!!! :D I am so glad you like the music!


Yall should come see my band play at the Canoga Park art walk on Thursday! You can check out all the really fantastic art and watch me be awkward on stage :D Most importantly though, we can hang out if you like! We typically go to get burgers n stuff afterwards with fans, friends, and anybody else who wants to join.

Our set is from 7:15pm - 8:00pm, and we’ll be playing a whole bunch of jammin originals that aren’t on the Young Scientists EP! The show is totally free, so all you gotta do is show up and be merry ^_^ Also we play a lot of upbeat indie stuff so you don’t have to worry about being crowded in with a bunch of headbangers.

Here’s the flyer for the show:


We’re called the Sligh Brothers and you can check out our facebook page here.

Please bring friends if you’re able to go! The more people that show up the more likely we are to be able to book another show, which is actually kinda hard to do.

Alright I hope to see you all there :) It’s gonna be fun as always!

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Check out Jaye’s awesome new studio!! :D Looks like this is where we’ll be practicing and recording from now on (@theslighbrothers)

If you missed our #show at AMPLYFi yesterday, then here’s your chance to #watch us #perform #live at #KulaksWoodshed tonight! Be sure to log-on this evening to see the Webcast! Have a great weekend everybody and thanks for all your continued support! #TheSlighBrothers #OriginalMusic #Indie #Alternative #Pop #Music #Band #SummerSong #LightningEyes #ShorelyWalls #Nosferatu #SisterGoldenHair #GaryComeHome #Fun #BandRehearsal #Harmonizing #JordanSligh #AndySligh (@theslighbrothers)

We hope to see everybody tomorrow at #AMPLYFi. It’s going to be a great show with a lot of cool bands! Make sure to stop by and catch our set at 8 PM 🎶 #TheSlighBrothers #OriginalMusic #Indie #Alternative #Pop #Music #Band #SummerSong #LightningEyes #ShorelyWalls #Nosferatu #SisterGoldenHair #GaryComeHome #Fun #BandRehearsal #Harmonizing #JordanSligh #AndySligh (@theslighbrothers)

Just one week away from our show at #AMPLYFi! Be sure to visit our site to get your tickets. Hope to see you all there! (@theslighbrothers)

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